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Join these free traffic exchanges and earn real cash for just surfing web pages.  Earing ranges from $.0003 to $.0002 per page for minimum 15 seconds or 10 seconds.  You can surf 1000 pages per day.  Multilevel referral commission is also paid. You can view all the sites simultaneously thus surf the pages in short time.

1) Smileytraffic
The worlds best traffic exchange site, You can choose Manual and auto traffic exchange programs Get hits to your site from all around the world
Signup Is Free!
Bonus For Signing Up And Surfing 100 Pages!
25 Manual Surf Page Views
25 Auto Surf Page Views
2500 Banner Impressions
2500 Text Impression

So far, this is a Manual Surf, Auto Surf and a
Paid To Click Exchange with many twists!
Convert your credits into Banner ads or Feature links or any advertising
you choose!

Free Members Earn $0.15 for Referrals!
Promoting Referral Pages is Vital to Everyones growth so SmileyTraffic rewards all members:
$.0004 is paid for Manual Page Views
$.0003 is paid for Auto Page Views!
Minimum withdrawal $20.00 for free members.
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2) BoomingWebsiteTraffic
Emailer plus Traffic exchange
Earn up to 30 cents/1000 Surfed!
Receive $2.00 Just to Join as free and Activate!
Earn $1.00 Per Active Referral!
Affiliate Toolbox 
Booming Website Traffic has a 2:1 ratio, 
has a 10 second timer, 
does allow rotators, 
Minimum withdrawal $15.00 for free members.
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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program 3) EasyHits4U 
Essentially EasyHits4U is one of today’s most popular traffic exchange websites on the web. It is also a portal of gaining lots of great traffic, as well as an excellent way to help your website, affiliate links, youtube videos & media to gain increasing exposure. Basically how EasyHits4U work is, every time you view a website, for a 15 second minimum, you earn one website view in return to your own website.  It also pays $.0003 per view for free members.  It is one of the very legit site paying honestly.  Minimum withdrawal is $3.00.  It pays $.30 for surfing 1000 pages. I got paid several times.
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